The Americold
Operating System

AOS provides the tools, behaviors, and beliefs required to operate our company, execute our business plans, and provide value to our customers.

Everything We Do Is AOS

Continuous Improvement: Words to live by at Americold. We honor them through our Americold Operating System, or AOS. It’s part of everything we do.

AOS drives improvement in every area of our operations, and these best practices are integrated into the Policies and Standard Operating Procedures across our international network of operations.

The tools

The Tools of AOS play a major role in supporting all aspects of our business, down to the floors of our facilities, including world-class operating systems, market-leading management processes, and the valuable contributions of every Associate.

The behaviors

The following Behaviors of AOS motivate our company as a whole to perform excellently, day-in and day-out: Behavior-Based Safety, Learn. Do. Teach., and the ongoing development of a world-class culture.

The beliefs

The Beliefs of AOS drive the overall behaviors for how we do business, including Associate engagement, standardization, waste reduction.

How Is The Americold Operating System Different?

Associate Engagement

AOS is a focused effort to involve all levels of the organization, from the floor of our facilities up, in improvement activities.


Continuous Improvement (CI) is driven by Americold's Leaders in their roles as Focus Area Champions for AOS.


AOS assessments and associated action plans directly link CI efforts to business plans and performance review cycles.

Focus On Maturity Progression

It’s a Journey measured by progress along our long-term strategic plan.

Americold and Risk Management

A key benefit of AOS on our activities is the focus on Associate safety, and great health and safety practices make sound business sense.

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